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Our history and values


A family business since 1956 
Founded by our grandmother "Margaret" ...


Actually, her name was not "Margaret", but Hildegard, together with your co-founder, the decision was made for this business name ...  

Most of the bags came from Italy ...

It is still important to us today to offer our customers products made of high quality Italian leather and also to carry traditional brands that are produced in Europe.


Tradition and quality also play a particularly important role when it comes to luggage.

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The grandson

Oliver Schiendl has been running the business for over 20 years, after which his mother Susanne Schiendl followed in her mother's footsteps.  


In 2020 the shop will be redesigned with simple means - high-quality goods are presented on natural materials.


A retro flea market with long-forgotten items makes the hearts of women beat faster. Great "old" pieces find a new home.

The brands abro and Chiarugi will complement the selection of bags made of high-quality Italian leather from 2021. A fashionable touch is also finding its way into our traditional shop.



Since July 2020

the management consultant & retail coach

Sonja Schmidradler accompanies Oliver Schiendl.

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